HoldMyTicket - 13 Boo-Tastic Events To Ticket

13 Boo-Tastic Events To Ticket


It’s #spookyszn and HoldMyTicket is used for some pretty boo-tastic events! We’re here to bring you 13 of the best type of Halloween events we’re ticketing for this year. Check out HoldMyTicket to see what spooky events are near you!


1. Haunted Houses

Ticketing for haunted houses shouldn’t be as scary as going through one. With HoldMyTicket, we provide you with 24/7 online ticket sales, door sales, and box office sales. Get past the ghouls and goblins with short entry lines with our quick and easy scanning features through Swarm Box Office.

2. Arcade Carnivals

Have an event going on at your arcade? We can ticket for that! Heck, we’ll even post your event on your Facebook page and give you the tools to grow and understand your audience.

3. Magic Shows

Is your current ticketing provider giving you an illusion of data and services? Don’t worry, with HoldMyTicket we’ll reveal all of our secrets and walk through the entire setup process.


4. Creepy Crawlers

Pub crawls - we love them! Create an event and set a limited amount of tickets with automatic start and stop sales times. Share your event with our e-newsletter tools and RSS calendars.

5. Halloween Festivals

Having a trunk show, a community event, or a spooky music festival? We can do it all and then some. We know that network connection can be a concern for festival organizers, but don’t worry! Our box office application, Swarm Box Office, will continue to scan ticketing offline while keeping you updated on the number of attendees that have gone through the gates.

6. Freak Shows

Let’s get freaky with ticketing. With our bendy fees, we never want you to feel like your walking on a tight rope with service fees again. You have the option to absorb the ticket fees fully or pass on the full or partial ticket fee to the customer. The fee can also be hidden into the ticket price to give your customers peace of mind.


7. Corn Mazes

Luckily, we’re easier to navigate through than your haunted maze. With our how-to’s, we give you a map that will help you get through your entire event process. We’re also here to help via phone support or email!

8. Zoo Boos

Halloween at the zoo can be loads of fun! With HoldMyTicket, you can provide members with promo codes and create custom packages. Our will call function will also store the information of every ticket purchase for you to easily pull up in seconds.

Planning a decorating party? Know exactly how many people are going to attend by ticketing. We promise that setting up your event will take less time than decorating one cookie!


10. Ghost Tours

Our ticketing system won’t do anything to jump out and scare you, but we hope to make you scream in excitement. With our event tools, you can create parent/child events for easy duplication! Create your main event through Spark and have the option to create multiple duplicate events where you can edit times and other details.

11. Halloween Ball

We have our dancing shoes on to waltz in to be your ticket provider. We create a VIP treatment for your customers and know that not everyone has entered the digital world and include phone sales for your customers. Dance the night away knowing you don’t have to worry about your ticketing.

12. Haunted Parties

We’re full of treats and lots of tricks (just the good kind). Our marketing tools will have people lined up at your door like a crowd of zombies. We have social media integration, email marketing, custom websites, and more!


13. Live Music

It wouldn’t be ticketing without mentioning live music! Jam out to your favorite monster mash and let’s start selling tickets.

Thinking of ideas for the next #spookyszn? Create an account with HoldMyTicket and let’s see what we can do together.

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