HoldMyTicket - 7 Reasons to Use Swarm2 Box Office

7 Reasons to Use Swarm2 Box Office


We are so excited to announce recent updates to our Swarm Box Office that is now available for free in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android! Swarm Box Office scans and validates tickets of any form, processes credit, cash, and comp transactions, assigns reserve seats, and communicates event attendance and sales reports in real time. If that’s not enough to impress you, see the list we created below of why you should consider using Swarm and HoldMyTicket for your next event.

1. Industry’s First Offline Ticket Scanning Mode

Throwing a festival or an event that doesn’t have reliable wifi? No worries! With Swarm Box Office’s offline mode, you have the ability to continue checking-in patrons and scanning tickets and capturing real-time data to prevent the use of duplicate tickets.

2. Switch Seamlessly Between Events

Running multiple events? With our Swarm Box Office update, you are able to seamlessly move in between and edit events. We’ve created a new top drop-down menu that displays all your events in one place! This new feature replaces the prior function of having to go all the way back to our main menu and refreshing each event -- saving you HALF THE TIME this previously would!

3. Seamless Camera Capabilities

The app can use a device's native camera for scanning barcodes (both QR and 1D), card reading, and also integrates with external hardware, such as laser scanners, credit card swipers, and thermal ticket printers.

4. Hardware Integration

Our software is compatible with the vast majority of ticketing hardware. We work with Magtek, and Unimag Card Readers, Linea Pro Scanners, BOCA Printers, Star Bluetooth, and Star Network Printers, USB Barcode Scanners, and more! Need hardware? Check out our shop!

5. Compatible on Any Device

From MAC or PC desktop to any Android or iOS tablet or mobile device, Swarm is compatible with all! Take your ticketing into the cloud and work along with multiple devices and create a seamless experience not only for fans but for your staff and volunteers.

6. Stability Improvements

Our development team has worked tirelessly to eliminate bugs, improve performance and reliability, and stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies of our mobile box office. We’ve updated themes, user interface, experience, frameworks, reduced memory consumption, and user efficiency improvements. Let us handle the event stress for you with our seamless capabilities!

7. Kiosk Capabilities

Wish your patrons could purchase tickets at your venue at any time of the day? With our kiosk functionalities, your guests can purchase tickets directly from a kiosk - saving you money and creating a hassle-free experience for patrons.


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HoldMyTicket is a full-scale ticketing platform designed with a mobile-first mentality. In a mobile-driven market, you have seconds to captivate a buyer and finalize the ticket sale on a mobile device. Most ticketing checkout processes are cumbersome, clunky, and not built for mobile devices. In addition, most require the creation of an account to complete the purchase, making the ticket buyer remember yet another username and password to purchase a ticket which is beyond frustrating. Unlike other systems that aren't keen on providing a better solution, HoldMyTicket aims to create the best experience for both its partners and ticket buyers.