3 Reasons to Use HoldMyTicket

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You have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to organizing your events, including who to use for ticketing and event management and marketing. While you might have a lot of options, HoldMyTicket should stand out as your choice for a ticketing solution for three simple reasons:

1. You can save time and money.

Our free event management app, Spark, will elevate your event planning. Whether you're organizing multiple events at different venues or looking to streamline your ticketing process, Spark has the tools you need.

Set up an unlimited venues, events and users and leverage powerful tools such as customizable event pages and powerful analytics, and access a wide range of features that will simplify your event management experience, such as: Booking talent with offers and settlements Storing venue default settings Creating repeating events Storing a library of attractions

Giving you all the tools you need in one software suite, Spark is the ultimate solution for event organizers. From intuitive event set up to demographic and event tracking, access all your event information in one place. Effortlessly reach ticket buyers and generate excitement around your events with our marketing tools like our free newsletter tool and event messenger, or offer them a special coupon or promo code.

See the impact HMT’s Spark can have on your time and bottom line by signing up for free now.

2. You’ll get tickets to fans and fans in the door easier and faster.

Our user-friendly box office app, Swarm, offers a seamless and stress-free ticketing experience for you and ticket buyers. Our advanced software allows you to effortlessly scan tickets offline and access real-time analytics, on any device, including your phone or tablet. Swarm not only provides a user-friendly platform to sell tickets, but it also offers a wide range of features to track your ticket sales and scans that lets you:

Scan tickets for admission, even without Wi-Fi See will call lists and sell tickets anywhere Refund tickets and manage customer information Look up tickets to see their details, including scan history

Swarm has everything you need to make your ticketing process efficient and maximize your ticket sales, including support for ticket buyers. Our ticketing site features an online shopping cart that lets fans buy tickets to multiple shows at once without having to sign in or create an account, while keeping bots from purchasing tickets and blacklisting scalpers and resellers.

Simply sign up for a free HMT account today and start selling tickets and getting your fans in the door.

3. You (and ticket buyers) will be fully supported before, during and after your events.

We take pride in our expertise in not only ticketing but also in providing exceptional customer service. Our team is dedicated to providing you with VIP treatment and is available to assist you at every step with HMT. We are here to support you with everything from setting up your account, technical support, or with phone sales for your attendees. We have also compiled comprehensive documentation to help you navigate our systems and make the most of HMT’s free event management and ticketing tools. Of course, you should never hesitate to reach out to us. We will always be more than happy to get you started or work through any event scenario with you. Our support doesn’t stop there, however.

HMT offers clients more, such as: Equipment leasing: providing you with enough scanners and card readers to scan and sell tickets at your event entrance and box office Seating charts: building you an interactive seating chart that is customized for your specific venue and event Website management: creating a custom website where all of your venue and event information can live Customer Support: treating your fans like our own, we assist attendees with ticket sales, managing their orders and any questions through our support line

The HMT team is ready and eager to help you with your events, even showing up to help scan tickets if you need an extra phone in hand. When you reach out to us, you’re going to connect with someone who is knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you sell out your event and get people to your show.

If you want to know more about why you should be using HMT, visit sell.holdmyticket.com, or reach out to schedule a demo today. Of course, you can also just sign up and start organizing your events with HMT today,


Refer and Earn with HoldMyTicket's Affiliate Program


Refer and Earn with HoldMyTicket's Affiliate Program

Dollars aren't spending like they used to, so HoldMyTicket is here to help you make more of them. Get cash when you refer people with primary ticketing and event organizing needs to HoldMyTicket through our generous Affiliate Program.

For every sale made by your Referral during their first year, you'll score 10% of HoldMyTicket's fees. Once you accrue $20 in earnings, HoldMyTicket will send you your share to you each month.

There is no limit to the number of people or venues that you can refer to HoldMyTicket’s free services using a unique link sent through the Affiliate Program portal on our website. You do not have to be a current client of HoldMyTicket, or even an event organizer to refer people and organizations who need an event management platform or ticketing solution to us. Your referral possibilities are endless.

From concert halls and theaters to event promoters, festivals, and stadiums, anyone can join and benefit from our free tools and super user-friendly, intuitive ticketing and event management software. Enrolling in HoldMyTicket's Affiliate Program is incredibly easy and can be completed in just a minute.

Sign up now to start earning cash today by sharing your unique link with Referrals.


Google Universal Analytics Retiring: What To Do & How To Prepare


Google Universal Analytics Retiring: What To Do & How To Prepare

HoldMyTicket offers a variety of ways to track your events and access your online analytics, including those offered by Google.

Beginning July 1, 2023 Google will no longer offer its Universal Analytics platform, replacing it with Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

HoldMyTicket has prepared for the transition. You will still be able to track your events within our analytics section of SPARK with minimal changes.

Set up your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tracking in SPARK in just a couple of steps:

  1. Get your GA4 code from Google by setting up a new Google Analytics 4 Property.
  2. Set up your event tracking in SPARK, choosing ‘Google Analytics 4’ under Type for each code.


To help ease your transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), we have compiled a variety of resources from Google:


Tip in a Pinch

sale_Tip_in_a_Pinch_Header-1-webp.webp At HoldMyTicket, we know organizing events requires a lot of work involving many details.

We have the tools and features you need to easily set up your tickets to maximize event attendance and revenue while staying organized without hassle.

When you’re setting up your event, remember to double check your event details, such as:

  • Start/stop times: Schedule when your tickets will go on sale by setting your start/stop times when creating your tickets. If you want ticket sales for all events taking place at your venue to start and stop at the same time, you can also set your default start/stop times. If you have particular tickets that will only be available for a specific time, you can set the start and stop for each ticket in their individual settings by viewing the advanced tab and setting the start and stop times. Setting the availability for each ticket works great in combination with a promo code for an members only presale.
  • Promo codes: Ensure you create any promo codes you want to offer ticket buyers when adding your tickets. After adding tickets with promo codes to your event, manage their availability through your Event Overview window. Please note you can use multiple promo codes for an event. If you're offering various promo codes for certain periods of time leading up to your event, we recommend creating different tickets that use promo codes and setting their specific start/stop times.
  • Coupon codes: Add any [coupon codeshttps://docs.holdmyticket.com/doc/349/coupon-codes)]( for your event before your ticket sales start through your Event Overview. While a promo code makes tickets viewable for purchase only to those who have it, a coupon code applies a discount to designated tickets at the time of check out. Make sure to inform ticket buyers if any coupon codes work only for certain events and tickets.
  • Event description: Write an engaging and informative event description. Along with piquing people’s interest in your event, your event description should have all the information ticket-buyers need to prepare to attend your event, including ticket sale information. If you’re going to have pre-sales, inform people of when they will be and how they can participate, specifying any requirements and exclusions.

For more tips and documentation on making the most of HoldMyTicket’s tools, visit our Resources.


Organizing and Promoting Inclusive Events

colorful header Events bring people together.

Anyone should be able to attend any concert, festival, or conference comfortably and authentically as themselves. Creating welcoming and inclusive events enables everyone to enjoy a shared experience, strengthening the bonds of community.

Your event does not have to be centered on a particular theme or take place at a specific time for inclusivity to be a major consideration. Organizing inclusive events demonstrates your respect to all ticket-buyers. Incorporate inclusion in your event with these inspiring suggestions:

  • Be intentional when it comes to inclusivity at your event, developing goals to guide you during your planning process and approaching them with genuine intentions.
  • Consider what you hope to achieve by developing an inclusive event, including whether it’s to raise awareness, celebrate a particular community, or simply ensure people enjoy your event regardless of their identities and backgrounds. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can start to plan your event accordingly.

When choosing a venue for your event, make sure it is one that is welcoming to all people. Research venues to ensure they have a history of supporting and including marginalized communities. Make sure facilities are safe and accessible for everyone, including the LGBTQ+ community and individuals with disabilities.

  • Provide gender-neutral restrooms and make sure that your event is free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Check that your event venue is accessible to people with disabilities, with all aspects of the event being able to accommodate various levels of need and mobility.

Creating a truly inclusive event requires involvement from people who are a part of different communities to forge a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees. Involve marginalized peoples in the planning process for your event to help ensure that your event is truly inclusive and representative of the several intersecting communities.

  • Reach out to community organizations about partnering for your event. These organizations can provide you with valuable resources and insights on how to make your event more inclusive.
  • Recruit people with different identities and backgrounds, such those who identify as LGBTQ+, disabled or BIPOC, to partake in your event planning and to join your list of performers.

Research performers, vendors, sponsors and other potential partners or participants to ensure your event will not be working with someone who has harmed or discriminated against marginalized groups. Be careful not to platform or give the spotlight to someone who has expressed views antithetical to your inclusivity goals.

  • Choose collaborators who have demonstrated continual interest in creating an inclusive event and atmosphere, and support of people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Pay attention to any protests or controversies surrounding any potential partners, listening carefully to anyone who says they’ve been harmed by discriminatory actions or words, keeping in mind the intersectionality that exists amongst many marginalized communities, and how support or harassment of one can impact another.

Be mindful of your language and imagery in every aspect of your event. Utilize inclusive language that does not discriminate or encourage harassment against minorities and marginalized people, including members of the LGBTQ+ and disabled communities throughout your marketing, event management and interactions with customers. Ensure any representation of these communities is fair, accurate and does not do harm to their members.

  • Beware of any words or phrases, images or symbols that are offensive to marginalized communities, avoiding any faux pas, tropes or stereotypes. Listen to any feedback or concerns expressed by community members. Use gender-neutral language and avoid using stereotypes or clichés. Avoid gendered language, such as "ladies and gentlemen," or "boys and girls." Instead address your ticket-buyers as guests, participants, or fans. You can also consider simply addressing people as everyone or you all.
  • Be respectful of each person’s pronouns, ensuring you always identify performers and participants as they wish. Always ask people for clarification rather than making assumptions about someone’s gender, ethnic or racial identity, while giving people the chance to decline answering. Never press attendees for personal information; if you’re including a survey as a part of your ticket, allow any questions regarding gender or sexul orientation, race, ethnicity or disability to be optional.

Creating events at which people feel at ease may require some extra thought or work for organizers, but planning and promoting inclusive events shows you respect all attendees. A safe and welcoming environment is always worth proudly celebrating.


Easily Equip Your Box Office and Event with HoldMyTicket


HoldMyTicket makes selling tickets easy and accessible.

Our ticketing software can be accessed on any mobile device, allowing you to turn it into a mobile box office and ticket scanner.

Using Swarm on a mobile device, you can scan more than 100 tickets in just five minutes, and get upwards of 500 fans in the door in less than half an hour.

Our software is compatible with two popular card readers, UniMag Pro Audio Jack Card Reader and MagTek USB Card Reader. It also works with industry-standard BOCA printers, Epson Star Receipt printers, or a standard desktop printer. For BOCA users, we offer low-cost, high-quality thermal paper ticket stock, customizable with your own images and text.

For clients with additional equipment needs, HoldMyTicket offers free equipment leasing, such as scanners with extended battery packs and credit card readers.

Contact us directly to discuss your event’s equipment needs at [email protected]. We offer each client a personalized equipment consultation and lease contract.

Some of the equipment we offer includes:

Equipment Use
Ticket Scanner Sell and scan tickets are the door with an with Swarm pre installed on an iPhone 6 with an extended battery pack ticket scanner
Card Readers Complete credit and debit card transactions using either a UniMag Pro Audio Jack Card Reader and MagTek USB Card Reader, depending on your compatibility requirements.
Starr Receipt Printer Print proof of purchases, or even thermally printed paper tickets, for ticket-buyers
iPads Manage box office sales and ticket scanning with preinstalled Swarm
Boca printers Print tickets for ticket-buyers (note: you can also offer etickets to save time and money on printing-costs) printer

Whatever your ticketing and equipment needs, HoldMyTicket can help you get your fans in the door.


Offering Fans Personalized Experiences


People crave personalized experiences. They want to feel like they are part of something special, and they want to be able to choose the experience that is right for them.

While you may not be able to offer each fan in a crowd of hundreds or thousands a unique experience, you can give fans the chance to customize their experience with different ticket types, VIP packages and add-ons.

Different Ticket Types

Not all attendees are created equal. Some fans might be willing to pay for different experiences includes, including:

  • VIP package
  • A table with bottle service
  • Lawn seating
  • Reserved areas within general admission spaces

By including multiple ticket types, you can cater to the needs of all of your attendees. Offering different tickets allows each fan to choose what kind of vibe and view they want at your event. Allow further customization by letting fans choose from various VIP packages and purchase other ticket add-ons.

When choosing the right ticket types to offer for your event, it's important to consider your target audience and the overall goals of your event. If you’re organizing a music festival, try offering ticket add-ons like parking, meet-and-greets with artists, and exclusive merchandise. For sporting events, you might want to offer a VIP ticket package that includes merchandise signed by players.

After you've chosen the right ticket types, it's important to market them effectively. Be sure to highlight the benefits of each ticket type and explain how they can enhance the attendee experience. Use a variety of marketing channels to promote your ticket types, including social media and email marketing with the HMT newsletter tool.

VIP Packages

VIP ticket packages are a great way to offer attendees a more exclusive and elevated experience. They can consist of various combinations of perks such as:

  • Early entry to the event
  • Access to a VIP lounge or area
  • Complimentary food and drinks
  • Meet-and-greets with speakers or performers
  • Special gifts or souvenirs

Group VIP benefits into different groups to give fans the chance to pick a ticket that includes what’s important to them, such as a great view and meeting the band, while avoiding paying for what they don’t want, like merchandise.

If you include alcoholic beverages as a perk on tickets, consider offering a sober alternative or discounted rates for fans who want to abstain from drinking.

Ticket Add-Ons

Ticket add-ons are a great way for attendees to customize their experience and add more value to their ticket. They can include things like:

  • Access to workshops or classes
  • Discounts on merchandise
  • Early access to tickets for future events
  • Exclusive content or experiences

When creating your ticket add-ons, ensure you’re offering attendees something different than what’s already available to give people incentive to make the purchase.

Here are some other tips for offering personalized experiences at your events:

  • Use technology to your advantage by engaging with attendees through social media to create a sense of community and provide information, including in real-time
  • Collect feedback from attendees through surveys, registration forms, or social media so you can create improved personalized experiences

Allowing attendees to personalize their event experience in ways that suit them empowers them to get the most out of your event.

Creating a more personalized experience for your attendees makes your events more memorable and enjoyable for your attendees, improving the overall success of your event, allowing you to attract more attendees and increase ticket sales.


7 Tips to Elevate Your Events

Whether you’re holding a festival or a gala, organizing an event requires a lot of planning and hard work. HoldMyTicket is here with tips (and tools) to make it easier.

Set the Scene

People have a lot of event options. Entice people to add your concert or display to their list of must-attend events with dazzling details on your HMT event page . Focusing on what makes your event unique, hype it up with inside info and videos.

Use behind-the-scenes clips of event and performance preparation, set lists and other teasers to show people just enough to make them want to fully experience your event for themselves. Pro tip: Share your content on different channels to maximize reach and increase engagement.

event page

Our fully capable shopping cart can also help people find the perfect show for every person in their life by showing them other upcoming events for which they can “add to cart” without missing out on their transaction in progress, and personalize their gift with our surveys tool.

Care to Share

Nothing spreads holiday cheer like something joyful to hear! Maximize your event’s promotion by sharing your event’s link on local social media groups and neighborhood websites. Include a flyer to up your chance of garnering shares and engagement, benefitting from free exposure.

Get people excited for your event by posting about it on your blog and socials, including links to your event page and featured performers or artists. Make sure your blog post is a part of your marketing, linking to it on your social media and including it in any newsletters.

Offer VIP Tickets

While only accounting for 10% of admissions, VIP tickets can account for up to 25% of revenue. Also consider offering special tickets to timely buyers with pre-sales or promo codes

If your event will include multiple showtimes throughout the holiday season, you can encourage people to attend earlier in its run with lower prices with coupon codes. You can even save time by scheduling repeating events at the same time.


Alert the Media

Don’t wait for a slow news day to get your event some attention from the local media outlets. Write an engaging press release and send it to your media contacts. Then, call up reporters to give them a little more details about the event to inspire them to do a feature

Reaching out could be especially fruitful if your event is for charity or will benefit others in the community. Make sure to link to your event page and blog post, as well as your social media, so they have contact details easily accessible and can share with their own audiences.

Help people find your event online by also tagging us in your social media posts, and including the HoldMyTicket logo on your artwork. Make sure you’ve added tracking codes to your event so you can keep track of where your event is gaining traction so you know where to focus your marketing.

Communicate with Fans

Clearly communicate all the information fans will need to show up at your event ready to have an amazing experience. Ensure people are aware of cancellation and refund policies, particularly if your event is outdoors or vulnerable to weather changes.

Include information about parking in your event description and indicate whether parking needs to be bought separately. Provide information on any clear bag and purse restrictions, list permitted items and prohibited items, making sure people know what they can bring in and to leave behind on your HMT event page.

Tell people what they can find inside, like food vendors and alcoholic drinks, especially if outside food and drinks are not allowed. If anything changes before your event, update patrons through the HMT’s messenger tool and post the new information on your socials and website.

Finally, provide contact information for the venue and HoldMyTicket, for anyone with more questions or additional needs. We can be reached at EMAIL US: [email protected] Call our office: 1.877.466.3404

HOURS: Mon-Fri 9 AM - 6 PM; Sat-Sun 11 AM - 6 PM, MST

Manage Lines

Keep your lines short and sweet with HMT’s Swarm Box Office. Turn any device into a scanner to keep lines moving quickly and efficiently and get people in the door even faster. Our technology even has you covered if your wifi cuts out, so fans aren’t left out in the cold.

Use etickets and encourage people to add them to their mobile device’s digital wallet for quicker access. Have an entrance strategy in place that gets patrons in the door and to their seats quickly. Come up with a plan for directing VIP attendees and those with additional needs. Consider having a different admission process for patrons with small children at family-friendly events or groups from schools and organizations.

Provide Customer Support

Having convenient and empathic customer service for patrons is a must. Do your best to anticipate and address your guest’s questions and needs. Along with communicating all necessary information to your event attendees when selling them their tickets, include contact information.

Direct them to HoldMyTicket’s support team if you’re unable to assist them. D Whether it’s selling to customers directly, walking your staff through a process, or helping scan attendees in at the door, we're here to help with all you or your customers ticketing and event questions.

These are just a few tips to help you start planning and promoting your event today.Learn more about why should switch to HoldMyTicket for all your event ticketing and promotion needs or sign up now..


5 Reasons to Switch to HoldMyTicket

5 reasons

Event organizing and promotion is hard. HoldMyTicket’s intuitive event ticketing and management tools makes it easier.

Check out these 5 key reasons why you should switch to HMT - we’ll keep it brief.

reason 1

1. Getting Started Is Easy

The most important thing that you need to know about HMT is that it’s free to get started and we don’t charge event organizers anything to use our platform. Our software lets you do everything from schedule acts to promote your event, including settling offers, get attendees in the door, and analyze sales without charging you. Instead, we let you set your prices, then pass on a small fee to ticket buyers, letting you keep more of your profits. For free events, there are no fees.

reason 2

2. You SPARK Up Your Event Management

Our free event management app Spark can help you schedule and manage your shows, including multiple events at unique venues. You can also set up an unlimited number of users to help you with your account, access tools to further customize your events.

reason 3

3. Calm The SWARM Before The Show

The HMT Box Office app Swarm, gives you everything you need with the click of an app. Whether using a phone or a computer you can use our FREE software, as a point of sale, to scan tickets offline, pull up will-call lists in real-time, and more. Just sign up for a free HMT account and start selling out your events today.

reason 4

4. Save Money on Promotional Tools

Helping you cut costs doesn’t stop with HMT’s free software. We also have other free promotional tools for event organizers, including our newsletters and event messenger tools. Additionally, we also offer equipment leasing for no additional cost.

reason 5

5. Get Support from Real People.

We have mastered the art of not only ticketing, but customer service. We provide VIP treatment for every customer service request. Our dedicated team of support staff is here for you every step of the way at no extra cost. From setting up your account to technical support to phone sales for your clients - we’ve got you covered. Drop us a line and we can get you started. We also wrote a ton of documents to help you out if that’s what you prefer.


Tracking your events and venues in 5 easy steps with HMT

track your events in 5 easy steps Data is the driving force behind most successful marketing campaigns. Having access to information on who your audience is and where they’re at in their buyer’s journey is important when it comes to figuring out what message you need to communicate to them and how.

HoldMyTicket makes it easy for you to engage in data-driven decision-making by letting you connect your Google Analytics 4 and Facebook Pixel to each event, helping you track the performance of your online content and marketing efforts.

Adding a tracking code for each event, or entire venues, will allow you to see a wide array of analytics in your Spark account. You can use this information, along with your sales reports, to plan future events and performances.

Adding Tracking Codes

Adding a GTM or Facebook Pixel to an event is simple, and can be accomplished in five steps through your Spark Account.

1. Login to your Spark account and select Venues from the top menu bar.

spark dashboard

2. Click on the venue you want to track.

venues - edit

3. Scroll down Analytics.


4. Select code type - Google Analytics 4 or Facebook Pixel Add your venue’s respective codes in the designated fields.

You can also add your own custom code.


5. Click Save


To use specific codes to track all events created under a venue, click “Apply these analytic codes to all upcoming events at this venue?”


After you save your venue’s tracking codes, HMT’s software will automatically pull together data for every code entered, making it easily accessible through our app.

Have more questions or would like more help using all our app’s features? Please check out our help docs for more detailed instructions, including screenshots and how-to videos.


Earn Extra Cash with HoldMyTicket's Affiliate Program

Affiliate_Program_-_Email_2 (1) HoldMyTicket already lets you work smarter rather than harder; Now when you share HoldMyTicket, HoldMyTicket will share with you.

Earn cash simply by referring venues and event organizers and promoters as new clients to HMT’s innovative ticketing and event management software through our Affiliate Program.

Every time your Referral sells a ticket, you will get 10% of HoldMyTicket’s fees from that sale for their entire first year as a client with HoldMyTicket. When you've accrued a minimum of $20, HoldMyTicket will send you a monthly direct deposit with your portion of HMT’s fees.

There is no limit to the number of people or venues - including concert halls, theaters, event promoters, festivals, and stadiums - that can sign up through a unique link sent by you via the Affiliate Program portal on our website.

Participating in HoldMyTicket's Affiliate Program is easy, and it only takes a minute to get started. Join our affiliate program and start sending your unique link to Referrals, by enrolling now.


Sign up now.


Seating Pods


The Seating Pods management tool in the SPARK Event Manager helps you to create, organize, manage, and maintain social distancing between customers at your events.

Seating Pods can be configured in your seating chart to help you with more specific social distancing for your event. Found in SPARK under the Seating Configs tab of a ticket, this option will force all seats that are next to each other to be sold at once. It can be a good use case for manually social distancing a group of tickets in a seated venue, or forcing all seats at a table to be sold at once.

With the Seating Pods specifications in your SPARK account, customers will only be able to select tickets grouped in a pod and will not be able to separate those tickets out based on your settings.

Seat Pods for Fixed Seating Venues

With a bit of planning, seating pods will allow you to create a more detailed and customized seating offer for customers to choose from. To group your seats, you will go into your Seating Chart Editor in your SPARK account and put holds on the seats you do not want available for sale, which will create the spacing needed for distanced seating.

Don't forget you can hold down the shift button while you select seats to hold to block off multiple seats at a time.

As seats sell, this is how they will appear to the customer on the seating chart:

This is also how they will appear when a customer adds a set of tickets to their cart. The changes will reflect on our website, as well as in SWARM Box Office app. If you upgrade or exchange tickets to a seat pod ticket, it will force the seat pod rule automatically for your event.

Seat Pods for Table Tops

This feature is also great for selling tickets to table-top events where customers should buy all seats at a single table. This allows you to automatically group and sell all seats at a table together. The buyer clicks once, knows how many seats they are buying and you know how many attendees are coming.

Our new normal has created a lot of fast-paced changes that keep us on all our toes. As social distancing becomes a part of venue planning, the simplicity of managing Seating Pods for your events allows you to keep track of your seating solutions with ease and allows you to make changes within minutes.

You can learn how to utilize Social Distance Seating, as well as Seating Pods, in order to create specific seating groups for your event by following our how-to doc.

Timed Ticketing is another great social distancing tool at your fingertips in SPARK Event Manager. Learn more from our how-to doc.

Seating Pods and other social distancing features are integrated with HoldMyTicket's SPARK Event Manager and SWARM Box Office. Get started with HoldMyTicket today.