Seating Pods


HoldMyTicket is announcing our new Seating Pods feature for venues and promoters. The new Seating Pods management tool in the SPARK Event Manager helps you to create, organize, manage, and maintain social distancing between customers at your events.

Seating Pods can be configured in your seating chart to help you with more specific social distancing for your event. Found in SPARK under the Seating Configs tab of a ticket, this option will force all seats that are next to each other to be sold at once. It can be a good use case for manually social distancing a group of tickets in a seated venue, or forcing all seats at a table to be sold at once.

With the Seating Pods specifications in your SPARK account, customers will only be able to select tickets grouped in a pod and will not be able to separate those tickets out based on your settings.

Seat Pods for Fixed Seating Venues

With a bit of planning, seating pods will allow you to create a more detailed and customized seating offer for customers to choose from. To group your seats, you will go into your Seating Chart Editor in your SPARK account and put holds on the seats you do not want available for sale, which will create the spacing needed for distanced seating.

Don't forget you can hold down the shift button while you select seats to hold to block off multiple seats at a time.

As seats sell, this is how they will appear to the customer on the seating chart:

This is also how they will appear when a customer adds a set of tickets to their cart. The changes will reflect on our website, as well as in SWARM Box Office app. If you upgrade or exchange tickets to a seat pod ticket, it will force the seat pod rule automatically for your event.

Seat Pods for Table Tops

This feature is also great for selling tickets to table-top events where customers should buy all seats at a single table. This allows you to automatically group and sell all seats at a table together. The buyer clicks once, knows how many seats they are buying and you know how many attendees are coming.

Our new normal has created a lot of fast-paced changes that keep us on all our toes. As social distancing becomes a part of venue planning, the simplicity of managing Seating Pods for your events allows you to keep track of your seating solutions with ease and allows you to make changes within minutes.

You can learn how to utilize Social Distance Seating, as well as Seating Pods, in order to create specific seating groups for your event by following our how-to doc.

Timed Ticketing is another great social distancing tool at your fingertips in SPARK Event Manager. Learn more from our how-to doc.

Seating Pods and other social distancing features are integrated with HoldMyTicket's SPARK Event Manager and SWARM Box Office. Get started with HoldMyTicket today.


Social Distance Seating

socialdistanceseatingblog1 copy

HoldMyTicket is announcing our new Social Distance Seating feature for venues and promoters. The new Social Distance Seating tool in the SPARK Event Manager is how you can flexibly create, manage, and maintain social distancing between customers at your events on the fly.

Our Social Distance Seating feature now allows customers to pick their seats all while adhering to new safe distancing guidelines, making sure seats are spaced accordingly and can be changed at any time. This is a quick way for you to establish space in your venue to meet social distancing guidelines.

You can use the Social Distance Seating to set customized spacing between seats and rows. We recommend creating a custom Social Distance Holds category beforehand in your Seating Chart Editor in SPARK so that you can customize what rows you'd like blocked off to adhere to distancing recommendations. As seats sell for your event, spacing holds will automatically be added to your holds category.

After you create that category, holds are placed automatically and applied throughout your event based on the number of seats you specify in your account, and rows are spaced based on Social Distance Holds you set under your custom holds, giving you peace of mind that the distancing standards are locked in and ready to go.

Don't forget to use the shift button to select multiple seats at once when creating a hold in a row! This expedites your holds creation process and blocks out entire rows for easy spacing.

If you do not create a Social Distance Hold category under the Holds section in the Seating Chart Editor, one will automatically be created when you check the Social Distance Seating box on your event and sell seats.

Once a customer selects their seats from what is available on your seating chart, it will automatically place holds on seats around the selected seats based on what social distance setting you have made in your SPARK account.

Create your event in SPARK and apply the Social Distance Seating to your ticket types for your event in the advanced settings tab. As your tickets go on sale, customers will be shown seats available as you have set them up in your account.

Our new normal has created a lot of fast-paced changes that keep us on all our toes. The simplicity of our Social Distance Seating feature allows you to keep track of your seating solutions seamlessly and gives you the flexibility to keep up with changes within minutes.

You can learn how to utilize Social Distance Seating in order to create specific seating arrangement availability for your event by following our how-to doc.

You can also learn more about Seating Pods and how that configuration could work for your events, too!

Timed Ticketing is another great social distancing tool at your fingertips in SPARK Event Manager. Learn more from our how-to doc.

Social Distance Seating is integrated with HoldMyTicket's SPARK Event Manager and SWARM Box Office. Get started with HoldMyTicket today.


Tips On Marketing Your Live Event


With quarantines and self-isolations, we have seen a dramatic increase of live events on the internet. HoldMyTicket is excited to announce our new live streaming service that was developed in direct response to the coronavirus COVID-19 shutdowns. With using HoldMyTicket, only ticket buyers have the ability to view your live stream from the comfort of their homes.

When it comes to marketing your event, what are some ways you can stand out from the crowd? More importantly, how do you advertise when your marketing budget has been cut? Check out these tips and let’s get to work!

1. Expand Your Audience

Live streaming gives your venue and audience an opportunity to expand nationally or even globally! With the power of social media and the internet, you can potentially reach people across the globe to tune into your performances/events.

2. Messenger Tools

With HoldMyTicket, you can use our messenger tools which allows you to email past ticket buyers, ticket buyers to certain events, or contact attendees on instructions and updates. Don't re-create the wheel when you already have hundreds or thousands of people in your network.

Our newsletter tool allows you to send custom designed emails through our platform! Our email capture feature pairs with your MailChimp and will automatically update your email lists with ticket buyers and those who have opted into your newsletter. You can create segmented lists per event and contact attendees in seconds if there’s an update to your event.

3. Facebook Events

Use Facebook events to reach more people! Add key information of your live stream, your ticket link, co-hosts, and a description of your event. Put the event up a week and a half in advance to give you enough time to get the word around.

A good strategy for event marketing on Facebook is to share the event on your feed and add engaging posts in the event at least 3-4 times during that week. As people say they’re “interested” or “attending”, your event will pop up on that individual's news feed a few times before the event starts. With the lack of events being created on Facebook, the Facebook algorithm will likely favor your event.

4. Contact Your Local Media

Write a press release announcing your event and contact your local media outlets and journalists. Currently, there is a slew of negative news and news outlets are looking for positives in their community and your event is it. Follow up on your press release and start building relationships with journalists and editors. The majority of people are currently following news outlets on social media and now’s the time to get involved to promote your events.

5. Facebook & Instagram Ads

We know budgets are tight, but you can do a lot with $100 and a niche audience. You can target your current audience, or your audience and their friends, or upload a list of past ticket buyers. By targeting audiences by demographics and interests, you can reach people who like certain events or genres. Create an ad with a link to purchase tickets or boost your Facebook event. With Facebook and Instagram advertising, you want to make sure you have three different sizes of creative: 1920x1080 on Facebook newsfeed, 1x1 square for Instagram, and 9:16 for Instagram stories.

6. Online Merch Store

Support your artists by having the sell merch during your live stream event. Quickly set up an online store on websites like Square, or you can sell merch through your HoldMyTicket event. Build merchandise revenue during the live stream by adding the link to the live chat and Facebook event.

So, why do live events? With the current state of isolation, people are turning to live events not only for entertainment but for a type of social connection. With live events, you can have real-time chat conversations with attendees and build a new loyal following. Get started today with HoldMyTicket and start streaming videos and revenue!


HoldMyTicket COVID-19 Update from CEO

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 8.58.20 AM

Dear Valued Partners,

As the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to have a great impact on our global communities, HoldMyTicket remains committed to upholding the best interests of our clients and staff. As our staff begins to work remotely, we will still operate during normal business hours and provide the top-of-the-line support and operations we always have.

We ask those needing to make ticket orders to plan in advance as there may be delays on shipping out your orders during this time. If you have updates on events being held at your venue, please contact our support team at and let us know. We are here to serve you and your patrons seven days a week.

Our business hours are:
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 6 pm (MTD)
Saturday - Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm (MTD)

You can reach our support team at:
Phone: 1-877-466-3404

We thank you for your ongoing partnership and we’ll have more updates soon.

Stay Safe!

Wes Edling,


Coronavirus: Best Practices for Venues

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 11.41.18 AM

With the sudden outbreak of coronavirus around the world, people in the US are taking more sanitary measures and avoiding large crowds. Hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves and people are avoiding public places. This will affect the event industry and upcoming shows in the next few months.

Being prepared and keeping your patron’s minds at ease is at an all-time high. We know it’s almost impossible for patrons to keep their personal bubbles in most venues, but we’ve created best practices on keeping you prepared and your patrons safe when dealing with the coronavirus.


People Are Going to Want Refunds

Have a refund policy in place for those who are wanting to avoid the crowds during this period. You do not have to promote this policy by any means or you can share on your event page, but it will create trust in your patrons that you have something in place. As your ticket provider, HoldMyTicket will follow the guidance of your venue’s policies.

Don't Cancel - Go Virtual!

Rather than canceling your events, think about transitioning them into a virtual atmosphere. You can live-stream your events on Facebook, Instagram, and multiple other platforms.

Prepare a Statement

Be prepared for when the media calls or when you have multiple public questions on social media. Discuss your venue’s preventative measures, refund policies, ask those who have symptoms to stay home and remind patrons of the fun and excitement they can still have at your events. tone

HoldMyTicket was asked by The Denver Post this week on our coronavirus measures. You can see our statement here.


Double Your Cleanliness

When it comes to venues, unfortunately, most people do not pair that with being the most sanitary of places. We suggest doubling up your cleaning policies to not only help stop the spread of germs, but to keep your patron’s minds at ease. Do a thorough cleaning of your venue before and after events. Focus on key locations that have the most contact with people, such as doorknobs, armrests, railings, your entire bathroom, merchandise table, etc.

Make sure to share with your patrons the extra cleaning measures your venue is taking! People will be more willing to come knowing your venue is taking action.

Install Hand Sanitizer Stations

People are bulking up on hand sanitizer and it’s getting hard to come by. If you are able to find some and go the extra mile, install some hand sanitizer stations around your venue. Make sure your front line staff (box office, ticket scanners, security, bartenders, etc) has antibacterial at their work stations.


As we’ve seen in the past with new viruses, there are two types of people

  1. We're all going to die.
  2. Just wash your hands and you'll be fine.

Currently, we are seeing large conferences and events cancel around the country due to the coronavirus. Use these best practices! We don’t want you to have to cancel or close your doors if it’s not necessary.

You can view the CDC’s preventative measures for coronavirus online.


Reserved Tickets for Groups or Individuals


Sending out group tickets to your corporate partners just got easier. That's right, HoldMyTicket is now equipped with group and individual seating reservations!

With our new Reservation Manager tool, you are able to select and hold any designated seats in your venue and send them out to your partners or guests for your event. View our set-up guide, here.


Holds are everything when it comes to the reservation manager. The flexibility of this tool allows you to reserve seats for a specific amount of time, create a group or single reservation, and retains the ticket hold status while giving you and your patron the option to release their reservation at any moment. If the reservation you've sent out expires, you are able to preserve that hold and designate it to another guest or place the ticket back up for sale.

Group Reservations:

A group reservation will allow the patron to purchase any number of seats from the reserved seating. This is generally used for reserving a block of seats and sending the purchase link to a group leader who will then share the link with their group. A few key features on groups:

  1. You can add however many seats to a group reservation as you'd like.
  2. Customize their reservation by including a company logo or image.
  3. Add instructions into the reservation link to inform guests how to purchase or who to contact with any issues.
  4. You can send an email directly from HoldMyTicket or use our dynamic ticket link to send on your own.

Single Reservations:


A single reservation will require the patron to purchase all of the seats in the reservation. This is generally used for reserving a few seats and sending the purchase link directly to the patron. Like group reservations, you're able to:

  1. You can add however many seats to a group reservation as you'd like.
  2. Add instructions into the reservation link to inform guests how to purchase or who to contact with any issues.
  3. You can send an email directly from HoldMyTicket or use our dynamic ticket link to send on your own.

Ready to start sending out reservations?


Log into your Swarm or Spark account and head to your seating chart editor. There, you will see the Reservation Manager tool as the bottom right icon. For a complete step-by-step guide on setting this up, click here.


Valentine's Tickets


Holden, our beloved mascot, loves Valentine's Day and he loves you too. Below we've added 6 HoldMyTicket Valentine's Day cards for you to share with your Valentine! Get a pair of tickets to their favorite show while you're at it.

rose hold-my-heart hold swarm service-fee valentines

You can easily save these Valentine's Day cards to your phone or print them out and share them with your friends!


20/20 Vision Guide to 2020 Event Planning


Do you have a 20/20 vision on what your 2020 event needs look like? With the start of the new year, it’s time to get organized, set goals, and get ahead of upcoming needs. Start with these basic questions:

1. How many events are you planning?
2. What type of events are you planning?
3. How many attendees are expected at each event?
4. What’s your marketing budget per event?
5. How many events per quarter?


Organize your events and needs in your 2020 event calendar template! We developed a template for you to get organized. Get (and make) a copy of your HoldMyTicket 2020 event calendar template now.

Other than getting organized on paper, you have to make sure you’re keeping up with all the twists and turns of planning events. With thousands of events happening weekly, how will you make yours stand out? Here are 10 of the best tips to give you 20/20 vision of your 2020 events:

10. Plan Early

You can never be over-prepared. The guaranteed success of events happens with promotion months in advance with digital advertising, traditional media buys, and online ticket sales. Planning ahead will give your event time to attract an organic following before you put your marketing dollars behind it. Save money and enjoy a larger ROI.

9. Get Dirty with the Details

The details are what make your event stand out! It’s getting harder to become more original these days and you need to figure out a sure-fire way to for your event to stand out. Communicate these unique details to guests beforehand and hype them up for the experience of a lifetime.

8. VIP is the real MVP

Don’t skip out on VIP experiences. Even though VIPs will only count for 10% of admission, they will generate an estimate of 25% in revenue. Make sure you’re giving them the experience they won’t regret spending the money on.

7. Automated Marketing

Automate your marketing! Whether it be with automated tweets when an event goes on sale, automated social media ads, or automated newsletters - you are guaranteed sales without having to do much work. Keep an eye out for an exciting new feature HoldMyTicket will be rolling out in 2020! Sign up for our email list and be the first in the loop.

6. Easy Ticket Purchases

Purchasing tickets should be an easy and quick experience for patrons. With HoldMyTicket, we provide your guests with the ability to purchase online, in our app, social media, or over the phone - all in a couple of minutes. Make sure you’re placing your short link to your event page and ticket CTA’s on all marketing materials.

5. Pre-Sales Help Sales

Release a pre-sale of your tickets in advance to gain traction to your event. Lower pre-sale prices and promotions are a huge incentive!

4. Pick the Right Vendors

Whether it comes to food, art, or local vendors - you have to make sure you’re picking a diverse enough group that will keep your guests walking from booth to booth. For vendors to push more sales and move quickly, it’s always best to encourage vendors to use credit card merchants and mobile pay.

3. Local Media

Write a press release and send it to your local media contacts. Don’t be afraid to call up your local reporters to give them a little more details of the event and see if they’ll feature it. TV and radio still bring in tons of awareness and engagement.

2. Short Waiting Lines

Make sure you have an entrance strategy in place. Nothing ruins the night more than a poor admission experience. Start by asking yourself the following questions: Do VIPs have their own admission line? Do you have enough ticket scanners post-security? Are there enough people in your box office to sell tickets? Remember with HoldMyTicket’s Swarm Box Office, anyone with a smartphone can join in and help scan tickets!

1. Customer Service

Having quick and clear customer service for patrons is a must! Make sure to include a clear and detailed cancelation and refund policy in your event details and checkout process. Our support team at HoldMyTicket handles everything from walking you through your account, walking your customers through questions and purchases, and making sure your event goes off with a bang!

Start filling out your 2020 event calendar template and crush some events this year! As always, your HoldMyTicket team is here to help you knock your event goals out of the park. Sign up for an account.



Ho-Ho-Holden's Holiday Event Guide


It’s Holiday Season and Holden’s here to give you some tips on having your event and your stress level stay merry and bright. The winter holiday season is a highly saturated market when it comes to events. Holden’s here to give you some tactics on your audience, social media, and event execution strategies.

Defining Your Audience

  1. When defining your audience for the holiday season, you should start by defining your event. Whether it’s a full Die Hard Christmas 5k or an event that fits into more of the traditional scheme, defining your audience is the first step to your marketing plan.

  2. Do you have last year’s admission data for your event? Check and see if you already have their emails or zip codes and you can re-target your past attendees. With HoldMyTicket’s Spark CRM, you can pull up past patron data in a matter of minutes.

  3. How far is your audience traveling from? Will they need lodging accommodations? You can think about partnering up with a local hotel to offer package deals and set up a partnered email marketing or billboard campaign.

  4. Is your audience local? We’re living in the age of digital, but traditional media buys like radio and tv still go a long way. See if you can partner up with your local news stations - they usually have advertising packages you can work with and will generally send a crew out and create the commercial for you.

Holiday Event Social Media Tips

  1. Upload your event to social media at least 1-2 months before the event. By doing this, you will increase your organic reach and have the ability to designate your marketing dollars to other avenues. Tip: HoldMyTicket’s platform will automatically upload your event to your Facebook page, website, and other RSS calenders with all your event details, ticket link, and event images.

  2. Post on your Facebook event page and Instagram at least once a week up to a month before your event. In the two-weeks prior, post in the event two to three times a week. If you have over 10,000 followers on Instagram, use your story swipe up feature to link tickets. Our best practices are to post two times a week to your story a month leading up the event and three to four times two-weeks prior.

  3. Work with promoters and local influencers to get their followings to purchase tickets. You can try to find local micro-influencers to see if they can post about your event. Sometimes you can get them to come for free tickets and swag, but sometimes you’ll have to negotiate a contract.

  4. Track people who are going to your site with Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager. When you place your Facebook Pixel on your site and set up event triggers (ex: event trigger for an abandoned cart), you can create “look-a-like audiences” and place ads to target those specifically who have visited your site or abandoned their cart. Tip: When uploading your event when using HoldMyTicket, you can add in your GTM and FB Pixel UI codes and we’ll connect your tags to our event ticket page.

Event Execution

1. Hire a Professional Decorator

If you’re throwing a Shop and Stroll, Holiday party, or anything that you envision garland for, hire a decorator! When you hire a decorator, you will never have to worry about being the one who’s going and purchasing hundreds of dollars in decorations at Hobby Lobby, hoping for the best when you climb the ladder in 20º, and then throwing a fit because you didn’t like the way it turned out. Your decorator should make your Holiday event look like a Christmas Carol. Bonus if they can do lighting too.

2. Heaters

If you’re having an outdoor event, make sure you have portable heaters around the area. You don’t want people leaving your event because they are too cold. If your event is indoors, double-check that the heat is working, but make sure it’s not getting too hot. Nothing is more uncomfortable than being stuck inside a room wearing your winter sweaters with 200 other people.

3. Weather Check

The weather can be spontaneous, so make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather. Make sure to include a weather disclaimer in your cancelation or return policy.

4. Think Outside the Box

The Holiday season is saturated with Holiday events. How can you make yours stand out? You can beat this by creating a niche event or something that you see your community getting involved with.

4. Delegate

Don’t take the whole event on your shoulders. Make sure you and your team have a list of tasks that each person needs to get done. Last-minute fires are bound to happen, but it’s best to stay proactive.

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5 Reasons to Switch to HMT


Are you getting the best out of your current ticket and event management software? Holden's here to tell you 5 reasons why you should switch to HoldMyTicket (other than making your life easier and having the time to finally take that vacation to Costa Rica).

Artboard 1

1. We'll Rock Your Box Office Off!

Our box office app, Swarm Box Office gives you everything you need at your fingertips! You can use Swarm Box Office as a point of sale, scan tickets offline, pull up will-call lists in real-time, and more! Did we mention it's free? Just sign up for a free HoldMyTicket account and start selling out your events!

Artboard 2

2. Our Service Fees Are Bendy!

We have multiple flexible service fees! If you'd like to know more, shoot our sales team a message and we'll see what we can do for your event or venue!

Artboard 3

3. We'll SPARK Up Your Event!

No, we won't set your event on fire, but we'll make it lit. With our event management app, Spark, you can manage multiple events and venues, set up an unlimited amount of users, have access to tons of event tools, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Artboard 4

4. Holden Muhticket (I'm Here to Help!)

Holden Muhticket is HoldMyTicket's mascot that's here to help! Check out this video for a general overview of HMT.

5. We're Here For All Your Questions!

Artboard 5

Our ninja skills have mastered not only ticketing but customer service to a T. We provide VIP treatment for every customer service request. Our dedicated team of support staff is here for you every step of the way. From setting up your account to technical support to phone sales for your clients - we got you covered. Drop us a line and we can get you started.

Let's Get Started

For more than ten years, HoldMyTicket has been an industry leader for event management and ticketing solution technologies. Providing the leading-edge ticketing software, HoldMyTicket offers an advanced customizable ticketing platform and mobile box office that can work on any device. With enterprise technology and small-business discipline, HoldMyTicket has helped venues, promoters, casinos, sports teams, and enterprises nationwide sell millions of tickets online.


Track Your Events & Venues in 5 Easy Steps!

Do you know the biggest turn-on for marketers? If you said data tracking, you’re right on the money. That’s why HoldMyTicket came out with a brand-new feature to track your visitors coming directly to your event or your venue!

With this new feature, you have the ability to connect your Google Tag Manager and your Facebook Pixel on each event and get the most out of your marketing budget. Are you part of the HMT fam? What are you waiting for? Sign up!


Adding UA codes to your venue? Follow these simple 5 steps:

1. Login to your Spark account and go to your venues.
2. Click on the desired venue to want to track.
3. Scroll down to the Analytics section.
4. Add in your Facebook Pixel and GTM UA codes in the designated fields.
5. Save the venue and every event created under that venue will automatically have these UA codes pre-filled and enabled!


Adding UA codes to events? Easy!

1. Login to your Spark account and go to your events.
2. Click on the desired event to want to track.
3. Scroll down to the Analytics section.
4. Add in your Facebook Pixel and GTM UA codes in the designated fields.
5. Save the event and start tracking!

Enjoy the accurate tracking, time-saving, and a smarter marketing budget!

For more than ten years, HoldMyTicket has been an industry leader for event management and ticketing solution technologies. Providing the leading-edge ticketing software, HoldMyTicket offers an advanced customizable ticketing platform and mobile box office that can work on any device. With enterprise technology and small-business discipline, HoldMyTicket has helped venues, promoters, casinos, sports teams, and enterprises nationwide sell millions of tickets online.


It’s HoldMyTicket’s 12th Birthday! Here Are 12 Reasons Why HoldMyTicket Rocks


For 12 years, HoldMyTicket has been an industry leader for event management and ticketing solutions! We provide leading-edge ticketing software that offers an advanced customizable ticketing platform and mobile box office that can work on any device. HoldMyTicket has helped venues, promoters, casinos, sports teams, and enterprises nationwide sell millions of tickets online.

HoldMyTicket was founded in 2007 and headquartered in sunny downtown Albuquerque.

1. We’re Fun!


We’re a huge fan of work hard, play hard. Man, and do we work hard. We know event planning can be stressful, but we’re here every step of the way to make sure you can play just as hard at your event.

2. You Can Sell Tickets 24/7

Sell tickets online with HoldMyTicket 24/7! Don’t forget that you can customize paper tickets, order stock tickets, and sell directly from your physical box office! We also offer ticket sales over the phone that are taken cared of directly by our team of support staff.

3. We’re Secure!

Like a ninja! We offer a completely secure checkout process that is PCI compliant. Ticket buyers can be confident that their credit card information will never be compromised.

4. Your Whole Box Office At Your Fingertips


HoldMyTicket’s Swarm Box Office app was designed with our clients needs first and gives you the power of a full-service box office in the palm of your hands! Intending to work on any platform and consistently improving, Swarm Box Office supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and all web browsers. Download NOW from the App Store or Google Play Store).

5. We’re Efficient!

They don’t say we have ninja-like reflexes for nothing. Our team of in-house developers is consistently improving our platform to be a step ahead of your needs and technologies. Have an issue? Call or email our support staff, and they’ll quickly guide you through it with ease and understanding.

6. Manage Multiple Events and Venues

Our platform was designed to fit the specific needs of those who are booking events. We know that managing and publishing events can be time-consuming, tedious, and sometimes troublesome. We solved this issue by combining every aspect of event management into a single app, SPARK. Our platform is limitless to the number of events you can create or amount of venues you can manage! Build out each venue with its own default settings to expedite event creation.

7. We’re Trusted!


How do we have a 95% retention rate? We have been proven in the industry not only to sell tickets but to take a vested interest in your business and events to make sure they’re successful. Why? Because building a mutual partnership has kept us in business for 12 years. Check out our 5-star review rating on Capterra.

8. We Do Offers & Settlements

Our booking tool expedites and legitimizes the ticketing agreement between the promoter or venue and talent. We’ve automated the process of developing and signing contracts, creating an event from an agreement, and settling up using your ticket sales.

9. We’re Accessible!

HoldMyTicket values our clients and their online event ticketing needs. Offering 24/7/365 support, our dedication, educational resources, and our team of ticketing specialists are just a few perks of entrusting us with your business. Ensuring that you and your team are 100% comfortable and knowledgeable of our online event and ticketing platforms is our #1 priority. Through our support line, we also provide over the phone ticket sales, online help, and grade-A customer service for your patrons.

10. Tons of Marketing Tools


We provide built-in tools that empower your team to market, promote, and socialize your events from one dashboard! Leverage our email marketing and event messenger to engage with your audience and keep them up-to-date with any event news.

11. We’re Customizable!

Do you have a special event that requires out-of-the-box needs? Contact our team TODAY and see how we can make your online ticketing needs as seamless as possible.

12. Offline Ticket Scanning

Throwing a festival or an event that doesn’t have reliable wifi? No worries! With Swarm Box Office’s offline mode, you can continue checking-in patrons and scanning tickets and capturing real-time data to prevent the use of duplicate tickets.

Celebrate with us by creating your next event with HoldMyTicket!

HoldMyTicket is a full-scale ticketing platform designed with a mobile-first mentality. In a mobile-driven market, you have seconds to captivate a buyer and finalize the ticket sale on a mobile device. Most ticketing checkout processes are cumbersome, clunky, and not built for mobile devices. In addition, most require the creation of an account to complete the purchase, making the ticket buyer remember yet another username and password to purchase a ticket which is beyond frustrating. Unlike other systems that aren't keen on providing a better solution, HoldMyTicket aims to create the best experience for both its partners and ticket buyers.