HoldMyTicket - Interview With A Ninja - Meet Holden Muhticket

Interview With A Ninja - Meet Holden Muhticket


Holden Muhticket, HoldMyTicket’s loyal mascot, is a ninja who is dedicated to serve and inform you of all HMT’s tools, features, and releases!

Below is an interview with HoldMyTicket’s longtime mascot, Holden Muhticket, the ticketing ninja. Holden stands two nunchucks tall and weighs about 6,000 tickets (or roughly the same as 12 ticket scanners) and has certified ninja training in ticketing and event management. We sat down with Holden to get to know him a little better.

HMT: How did you start working for HoldMyTicket?
Holden: Well, it was like 12 years ago and I was enjoying some tea at a local coffee house in downtown Albuquerque. This guy, Wes Edling, started talking to himself about selling tickets online and I thought he was crazy (not because of the tickets, but because he was talking to himself). I looked at him funny and went over and asked him about what he was doing. I obnoxiously bragged about my intense ticketing training and he obviously begged me to help him. Twelve years later, we’re still going strong and selling tickets with over a thousand partners across the United States.

HMT: Speaking of intense training in ticketing and event management, what is that and how did you obtain such an honor?
Holden: Have you ever heard of the ancient training called Shinobi Hiden? Well, my training is very similar but called Shibobi Holden. This type of training is filled with javascript, python, nunchucks, customer service, interactive UI, and more technical terms you probably wouldn’t understand.

HMT: What’s your favorite feature HoldMyTicket provides?
Holden: Swarm Box Office, nunchucks down. We spent months and months building this app and are constantly making upgrades. We can now easily switch between multiple events at once, offline ticket scanning, will-call, kiosk functions, and so much more other cool features. You should check out the newest version available for download in the App and Google Play Store!

HMT: What do you do for fun?
Holden: Oh, geez. I’m a big component of “play-hard, work-hard.” When I’m not spending my weekends scanning tickets in for our clients, acting as tech-support or helping our support staff, I am a professional water aerobics coach. Twerking in a 5-foot pool is a lot better for the knees.

HMT: What’s something no one knows about you?
Holden: I am the uncontested, self-proclaimed “Best Ticket Ninja in the World!” No one has challenged this and I still have the trophy my mom made … I mean, the trophy I won fair and square.

HMT: What is one last thing you want people to know about HoldMyTicket?
Holden: Gosh. HoldMyTicket can really do it all — we don’t just sell tickets, we take care of most of your event needs — from event and patron analytics to custom seating charts to marketing tools. We can have it covered!