HoldMyTicket - It’s HoldMyTicket’s 12th Birthday! Here Are 12 Reasons Why HoldMyTicket Rocks

It’s HoldMyTicket’s 12th Birthday! Here Are 12 Reasons Why HoldMyTicket Rocks


For 12 years, HoldMyTicket has been an industry leader for event management and ticketing solutions! We provide leading-edge ticketing software that offers an advanced customizable ticketing platform and mobile box office that can work on any device. HoldMyTicket has helped venues, promoters, casinos, sports teams, and enterprises nationwide sell millions of tickets online.

HoldMyTicket was founded in 2007 and headquartered in sunny downtown Albuquerque.

1. We’re Fun!


We’re a huge fan of work hard, play hard. Man, and do we work hard. We know event planning can be stressful, but we’re here every step of the way to make sure you can play just as hard at your event.

2. You Can Sell Tickets 24/7

Sell tickets online with HoldMyTicket 24/7! Don’t forget that you can customize paper tickets, order stock tickets, and sell directly from your physical box office! We also offer ticket sales over the phone that are taken cared of directly by our team of support staff.

3. We’re Secure!

Like a ninja! We offer a completely secure checkout process that is PCI compliant. Ticket buyers can be confident that their credit card information will never be compromised.

4. Your Whole Box Office At Your Fingertips


HoldMyTicket’s Swarm Box Office app was designed with our clients needs first and gives you the power of a full-service box office in the palm of your hands! Intending to work on any platform and consistently improving, Swarm Box Office supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and all web browsers. Download NOW from the App Store or Google Play Store).

5. We’re Efficient!

They don’t say we have ninja-like reflexes for nothing. Our team of in-house developers is consistently improving our platform to be a step ahead of your needs and technologies. Have an issue? Call or email our support staff, and they’ll quickly guide you through it with ease and understanding.

6. Manage Multiple Events and Venues

Our platform was designed to fit the specific needs of those who are booking events. We know that managing and publishing events can be time-consuming, tedious, and sometimes troublesome. We solved this issue by combining every aspect of event management into a single app, SPARK. Our platform is limitless to the number of events you can create or amount of venues you can manage! Build out each venue with its own default settings to expedite event creation.

7. We’re Trusted!


How do we have a 95% retention rate? We have been proven in the industry not only to sell tickets but to take a vested interest in your business and events to make sure they’re successful. Why? Because building a mutual partnership has kept us in business for 12 years. Check out our 5-star review rating on Capterra.

8. We Do Offers & Settlements

Our booking tool expedites and legitimizes the ticketing agreement between the promoter or venue and talent. We’ve automated the process of developing and signing contracts, creating an event from an agreement, and settling up using your ticket sales.

9. We’re Accessible!

HoldMyTicket values our clients and their online event ticketing needs. Offering 24/7/365 support, our dedication, educational resources, and our team of ticketing specialists are just a few perks of entrusting us with your business. Ensuring that you and your team are 100% comfortable and knowledgeable of our online event and ticketing platforms is our #1 priority. Through our support line, we also provide over the phone ticket sales, online help, and grade-A customer service for your patrons.

10. Tons of Marketing Tools


We provide built-in tools that empower your team to market, promote, and socialize your events from one dashboard! Leverage our email marketing and event messenger to engage with your audience and keep them up-to-date with any event news.

11. We’re Customizable!

Do you have a special event that requires out-of-the-box needs? Contact our team TODAY and see how we can make your online ticketing needs as seamless as possible.

12. Offline Ticket Scanning

Throwing a festival or an event that doesn’t have reliable wifi? No worries! With Swarm Box Office’s offline mode, you can continue checking-in patrons and scanning tickets and capturing real-time data to prevent the use of duplicate tickets.

Celebrate with us by creating your next event with HoldMyTicket!

HoldMyTicket is a full-scale ticketing platform designed with a mobile-first mentality. In a mobile-driven market, you have seconds to captivate a buyer and finalize the ticket sale on a mobile device. Most ticketing checkout processes are cumbersome, clunky, and not built for mobile devices. In addition, most require the creation of an account to complete the purchase, making the ticket buyer remember yet another username and password to purchase a ticket which is beyond frustrating. Unlike other systems that aren't keen on providing a better solution, HoldMyTicket aims to create the best experience for both its partners and ticket buyers.