HoldMyTicket - Coronavirus: Best Practices for Venues

Coronavirus: Best Practices for Venues

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With the sudden outbreak of coronavirus around the world, people in the US are taking more sanitary measures and avoiding large crowds. Hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves and people are avoiding public places. This will affect the event industry and upcoming shows in the next few months.

Being prepared and keeping your patron’s minds at ease is at an all-time high. We know it’s almost impossible for patrons to keep their personal bubbles in most venues, but we’ve created best practices on keeping you prepared and your patrons safe when dealing with the coronavirus.


People Are Going to Want Refunds

Have a refund policy in place for those who are wanting to avoid the crowds during this period. You do not have to promote this policy by any means or you can share on your event page, but it will create trust in your patrons that you have something in place. As your ticket provider, HoldMyTicket will follow the guidance of your venue’s policies.

Don't Cancel - Go Virtual!

Rather than canceling your events, think about transitioning them into a virtual atmosphere. You can live-stream your events on Facebook, Instagram, and multiple other platforms.

Prepare a Statement

Be prepared for when the media calls or when you have multiple public questions on social media. Discuss your venue’s preventative measures, refund policies, ask those who have symptoms to stay home and remind patrons of the fun and excitement they can still have at your events. tone

HoldMyTicket was asked by The Denver Post this week on our coronavirus measures. You can see our statement here.


Double Your Cleanliness

When it comes to venues, unfortunately, most people do not pair that with being the most sanitary of places. We suggest doubling up your cleaning policies to not only help stop the spread of germs, but to keep your patron’s minds at ease. Do a thorough cleaning of your venue before and after events. Focus on key locations that have the most contact with people, such as doorknobs, armrests, railings, your entire bathroom, merchandise table, etc.

Make sure to share with your patrons the extra cleaning measures your venue is taking! People will be more willing to come knowing your venue is taking action.

Install Hand Sanitizer Stations

People are bulking up on hand sanitizer and it’s getting hard to come by. If you are able to find some and go the extra mile, install some hand sanitizer stations around your venue. Make sure your front line staff (box office, ticket scanners, security, bartenders, etc) has antibacterial at their work stations.


As we’ve seen in the past with new viruses, there are two types of people

  1. We're all going to die.
  2. Just wash your hands and you'll be fine.

Currently, we are seeing large conferences and events cancel around the country due to the coronavirus. Use these best practices! We don’t want you to have to cancel or close your doors if it’s not necessary.

You can view the CDC’s preventative measures for coronavirus online.