HoldMyTicket - Tips On Marketing Your Live Event

Tips On Marketing Your Live Event


With quarantines and self-isolations, we have seen a dramatic increase of live events on the internet. HoldMyTicket is excited to announce our new live streaming service that was developed in direct response to the coronavirus COVID-19 shutdowns. With using HoldMyTicket, only ticket buyers have the ability to view your live stream from the comfort of their homes.

When it comes to marketing your event, what are some ways you can stand out from the crowd? More importantly, how do you advertise when your marketing budget has been cut? Check out these tips and let’s get to work!

1. Expand Your Audience

Live streaming gives your venue and audience an opportunity to expand nationally or even globally! With the power of social media and the internet, you can potentially reach people across the globe to tune into your performances/events.

2. Messenger Tools

With HoldMyTicket, you can use our messenger tools which allows you to email past ticket buyers, ticket buyers to certain events, or contact attendees on instructions and updates. Don't re-create the wheel when you already have hundreds or thousands of people in your network.

Our newsletter tool allows you to send custom designed emails through our platform! Our email capture feature pairs with your MailChimp and will automatically update your email lists with ticket buyers and those who have opted into your newsletter. You can create segmented lists per event and contact attendees in seconds if there’s an update to your event.

3. Facebook Events

Use Facebook events to reach more people! Add key information of your live stream, your ticket link, co-hosts, and a description of your event. Put the event up a week and a half in advance to give you enough time to get the word around.

A good strategy for event marketing on Facebook is to share the event on your feed and add engaging posts in the event at least 3-4 times during that week. As people say they’re “interested” or “attending”, your event will pop up on that individual's news feed a few times before the event starts. With the lack of events being created on Facebook, the Facebook algorithm will likely favor your event.

4. Contact Your Local Media

Write a press release announcing your event and contact your local media outlets and journalists. Currently, there is a slew of negative news and news outlets are looking for positives in their community and your event is it. Follow up on your press release and start building relationships with journalists and editors. The majority of people are currently following news outlets on social media and now’s the time to get involved to promote your events.

5. Facebook & Instagram Ads

We know budgets are tight, but you can do a lot with $100 and a niche audience. You can target your current audience, or your audience and their friends, or upload a list of past ticket buyers. By targeting audiences by demographics and interests, you can reach people who like certain events or genres. Create an ad with a link to purchase tickets or boost your Facebook event. With Facebook and Instagram advertising, you want to make sure you have three different sizes of creative: 1920x1080 on Facebook newsfeed, 1x1 square for Instagram, and 9:16 for Instagram stories.

6. Online Merch Store

Support your artists by having the sell merch during your live stream event. Quickly set up an online store on websites like Square, or you can sell merch through your HoldMyTicket event. Build merchandise revenue during the live stream by adding the link to the live chat and Facebook event.

So, why do live events? With the current state of isolation, people are turning to live events not only for entertainment but for a type of social connection. With live events, you can have real-time chat conversations with attendees and build a new loyal following. Get started today with HoldMyTicket and start streaming videos and revenue!