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Tip in a Pinch

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HoldMyTicket is here to help you hold incredible events with ease and confidence. We want you to succeed.

From selling tickets, sending newsletters, announcing events, and to using reports and analytics in your future planning and marketing strategies, HoldMyTicket has a variety of tools to meet your needs. We also have a team prepared to teach you how to make the most of them, keeping your costs low and investing in your growth.

As events ramp up, let’s review the fundamentals of using HoldMyTicket to manage your events and sell more tickets.

For support: You can always reach out to HoldMyTicket’s ticketing experts to help you with your event setup, or for technical support, and we will respond with as much expediency as possible. We also have an extensive library of documentation and resources available at all times to help navigate our system and make the most of our platform’s tools and features. For more personalized solutions and questions specific to your account, feel free to drop us a line or give us a call. We’re here to champion your event’s success, whether that means empowering you with the right tools and information or providing hands-on support.

For peace of mind: Use it or lose it can apply to knowledge and know-how of most systems, including one as easy as HoldMyTicket. If you’re not regularly using our platform to create events, organize events, and add and sell tickets, it’s a good idea to login into your Spark account to review our system before you start scheduling events. This will ensure you recall how to handle the details of your event, such as how to create both paid and free tickets, as well as the details of adding promo codes, indicating start and stop, and utilize other helpful tools. If you encounter any issues, feel free to review our docs or get in touch for help that meets your specific needs. Make sure to add any staff users who may also need access to Spark, such as marketing professionals and accountants.

For hassle-free events: Be prepared to provide ticket buyers with a seamless experience. Make sure you have a good understanding of how to sell tickets and get people in the door with Swarm. Remember that your Spark credentials don't work for Swarm. Contact our team for Swarm access and credentials to start selling and scanning tickets. If you have additional staff for the event, make sure to grant them access based on their specific roles in ticket selling, scanning, or managing will call and guest lists.

Whether it’s giving you the tools or training you need, we want to do everything we can to help you grow your events. Your success is our success For more tips on using HoldMyTicket, or how to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your event organizing or personalizing events, check out the rest of the HMT blog or follow us on our socials.