HoldMyTicket - Tagging in Better Ticketing with HoldMyTicket

Tagging in Better Ticketing with HoldMyTicket

Fred Slow, owner of Duke City Championship Wrestling, has been in entertainment for 20 years. In that time, he’s found the most success with “the thing that doesn’t exist” yet. So he decided to bring professional wrestling to Albuquerque, unsure about how it would be received, but knowing he wanted to use HoldMyTicket to ticket his events.

“We wanted to create a really good product and how people interpreted that product, that was up to them,” Fred explains. A crucial component of DCCW's rapid ascent since its inception less than a year ago has been its partnership with HoldMyTicket.

“So many of our individuals that attend our programs are already familiar with HoldMyTicket. Every individual goes to hold my ticket.com and purchases the ticket from us between $20-$45. We want to make sure they're getting the value that they deserve.”

Slow praises the platform’s ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and community-centric approach to helping DCCW achieve its goals, saying it helps him set up bookings and manage events. For him, recommending HoldMyTicket to other event promoters and organizers is a no-brainer. Its updated platform, effortless accessibility for consumers, and exceptional customer support have solidified DCCW's loyalty.

"Their updated platform, their ease of access for consumers, and their customer support has made us loyal to HoldMyTicket, I believe, for the entire existence of Duke City Championship Wrestling," Fred states with confidence, lamenting on the perks of using HoldMyTicket. “It's that ease on our end...We don't have to train anyone on a new platform.You guys have the platform set up, we have the support that surrounds it.”

Reflecting on his journey with DCCW and HoldMyTicket, Fred sees more than just a ticketing service; he sees a partner that understands the importance of community and treats its clients with the respect and attention they deserve.

"It has a tie to the community and it doesn't treat you like you're not relevant like some of the bigger ticket companies," he says, highlighting the personal touch that sets HoldMyTicket apart. “I don't feel like a client number. I feel like a client.”

Fred Slow's experience with HoldMyTicket serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and community in creating and sustaining entertainment ventures. As DCCW continues to captivate audiences in Albuquerque and beyond, its partnership with HoldMyTicket remains a cornerstone of its success, embodying the spirit of mutual support and growth that defines the very essence of Duke City Championship Wrestling.