HoldMyTicket - PowellaPalooza



Its been a week since we returned from Lake Powell, and the first annual POWELLAPALOOZA. Set amongst the red rock desert landscapes and on the lake's marinas, this festival was the beginning of something legendary. From the Solar Saucer DJ booth to the Page Shores stage built into a natural rock amphitheater, to the waterfront stage at Antelope Marina and the dune-like setting of the camping area, this experience was without compare. Have you ever seen a 40 foot giant praying mantis with flaming antennae?


There was good food, hot air balloons, house boat parties, fireworks and great people at this event. If you weren't there this year you'd better make it a point to go next year!


A special thanks to everyone who invested their time, efforts and money into making POWELLAPALOOZA happen. Based on our experience, and everyone else's feedback, this was the beginning of a great thing. And we all look forward to next year's party in the desert.

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