HoldMyTicket - Facebook Album Slideshows on HMT-Powered Websites

Facebook Album Slideshows on HMT-Powered Websites

Got a Facebook album that you know would look great on your HMT-Powered website?

We just rolled out a simple way to turn these albums into slide shows you can display on any page you choose.



Look good to you? Well, it's pretty simple to set it up yourself!

Here's a quick start guide that will get this new feature up and running on your site:

  1. Visit the Facebook album you would like to put on your HMT page and find the album ID. The album ID can be found in the url. It is a string of numbers located after the characters "?set.a" and before the next "." Once you've found it, select it and copy it.


Next, log in to your Hold My Ticket venue account, select the venue whose page you want to edit, and click on the Tools tab.


Click on Content Manager, and you'll see a list of pages. Find the page you want to edit, then click the edit button all the way on the right.



When you're in the edit screen, find the BODY field (the big one with all the white space for typing). There is a toolbar attached to the top. Click the HTML button on the 2nd row of that toolbar.

A window will appear in the middle of the screen with a lot of HTML code. Don't worry about this if HTML is not your thing. Simply click at the bottom of the text and hit enter, so you have a clear line.

Copy and paste the following code onto the empty line:

and replace all the #'s with your Facebook album's ID. Here's an example of the code with an album ID entered:


Click the Update button at the bottom left of the HTML Source Editor, and... you're done. HMT's site will automatically load a slideshow with any content (text) you might have added to the photos on Facebook. Pretty simple, no? Try it now!