HoldMyTicket - HMT's Scanner Loan Program

HMT's Scanner Loan Program

Did you know that HoldMyTicket will provide you with the scanning equipment necessary to validate your tickets? Based on the volume of ticket sales you have, we provide you with the tools needed to efficiently validate tickets.

Here's how it works:


Not only can you print out an old-school will call list, HMT provides various forms of electronic will call lists. The will call list in your HMT account can be used on a laptop, tablet or smartphone to validate entrants. Or you can download our free iPhone app, Swarm, which includes an interactive will call list. All check-ins on electronic will call lists are tracked and reported for you, just like they were scanned in with a scanner.

A Mophie® modified iPod Touch comes with Swarm installed on it, allowing you to scan the QR codes printed on E-Tickets using the iPods's camera. These scanners include a built in extra battery, ensuring hours of worry free scanning.

The Linea Pro® modified iPod Touch also comes with Swarm installed. It has a laser for super-fast scanning of ticket barcodes. This feature, in conjunction with Swarm, is the fastest form of ticket validation in the industry. The Linea Pro® also features a credit card swiper, allowing for both door sales and credit card validation. Happy Scanning!

To request scanners for your events contact the help team at http://holdmyticket.com/help. We'll set you up.