HoldMyTicket - Offers & Settlements

Offers & Settlements


HoldMyTicket is announcing its first back-end booking assistant for venues and promoters. The new Offers & Settlements tool in the SPARK Event Manager is how you can create, email, and settle deals with artists and their agents.


Choose a Guarantee-Versus or Guarantee-Plus offer, and account for ticket sales, additional income, taxes, and expenses, calculated based on fixed amounts or percentage of sales. You can also compose templates to speed up the process for similar future bookings.


Create the event in Spark directly from a confirmed offer. As soon as ticket sales have stopped, a final settlement will be generated for you, accounting for your online and box office ticket sales. Email the settlement back to the agent or print it out on the spot.


Add simplicity and structure to your talent agreements, forget the math and human error, and make counting ticket stubs a thing of the past.

Offers and Settlements is integrated with HoldMyTicket's SPARK Event Manager and SWARM Box Office. Get started with HoldMyTicket today.