HoldMyTicket - Press Release: Swarm2 Mobile Box Office

Press Release: Swarm2 Mobile Box Office

The first official announcement of our newest box office app, Swarm2, is out, and the buzz is very real. Check it out:

HoldMyTicket Unleashes New Version of Full Service Box Office for any Mobile Device
Event Management and Ticketing Company HoldMyTicket brings its mobile box office software to concert venues, festivals, performing arts centers, guided tours, casinos, universities, and sports venues nationwide

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- HoldMyTicket LLC announced today that it has rolled out a significant update to its mobile box office solution - Swarm, which is currently used by over 750 organizations and powering millions of events nationwide. Recognizing the importance of a 'mobile-first' experience, HoldMyTicket offers a robust yet easy-to-use mobile box office solution. "We're excited to provide a mobile box office solution that can be used for any type of venue or event," said Wes Edling, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HoldMyTicket, "By packing tons of features and focusing on a beautiful user experience, we are confident that Swarm 2 is the best mobile box office available."

See Swarm 2 in Action!

Swarm 2 (available for free in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android) scans and validates tickets of any form, processes credit, cash, and comp transactions, assigns reserve seats, and communicates event attendance and sales reports in real time. Swarm 2's offline mode ensures that your event operates smoothly, even without a reliable network. The app can use a device's native camera for scanning and card reading, and also integrates with external hardware, such as laser scanners, credit card swipers, and thermal ticket printers. The result is an overall expedited event-entry process.

"Providing the best event experience for everyone is what drives us every day, whether you're managing an event or simply looking to purchase a ticket - we want to make an impact on that experience," said Wes Edling, "There is a problem with the way existing ticketing companies interact with their clients and ticket buyers - fees, user experience, and outdated software all play a factor."

HoldMyTicket is a full-scale ticketing platform designed with a mobile-first mentality. In a mobile driven market, you have seconds to captivate a buyer and finalize the ticket sale on a mobile device. Most ticketing checkout processes are cumbersome, clunky, and not built for mobile devices. In addition, most require the creation of an account to complete the purchase, making the ticket buyer remember yet another username and password to purchase a ticket which is beyond frustrating. Unlike other systems that aren't keen on providing a better solution, HoldMyTicket aims to create the best experience for both its partners and ticket buyers.

"Our goal is to continue building a ticketing company that both our partners and end-users love," said Eric Griego, HoldMyTicket's Vice President of Business Development. "Every partner of ours leverages HoldMyTicket differently, we don't fit a square peg in a round-hole. We understand that each venue or event has different needs but one ultimate goal - to sell tickets. Our team and software accomplish that."

Looking ahead, HoldMyTicket is expanding their membership offering, digital wallet capabilities, and strategic partnerships.

About HoldMyTicket
HoldMyTicket is an event management and ticketing company headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For 10 years HoldMyTicket has helped venues and promoters nationwide sell millions of tickets online. To learn more about HoldMyTicket, visit https://holdmyticket.com/sell. Follow us on Twitter: @holdmyticket