HoldMyTicket - Announcing: Swarm2 Mobile Box Office

Announcing: Swarm2 Mobile Box Office


The team is proud to announce our newest app release, Swarm2.

Since 2008 HoldMyTicket's box office app, Swarm, has served our clients around the US and across continents, and has powered our box office here at our Albuquerque headquarters, where we provide phone and walkup sales and customer support for your events.

We've heard all of your feature requests for Swarm, and decided it was time for a revamp to make it functional for every type of event environment. We believe Swarm2 is the solution to all of your box office needs.

What's different:

Use Swarm2 on mobile and desktop. Both versions share all of the same capabilities, with a virtually identical layout. Now you don't need to alternate between devices in order to perform different operations, and there's only one app to learn. Here's a comparison of the original Swarm app on desktop, on mobile, and Swarm2:

Feature Swarm (mobile) Swarm (desktop) Swarm2 (mobile and desktop)
QR-Code Scanning x x x
Barcode Scanning x x x
Will Call Checkin x x x
Cash Sales x x x
Credit Sales x x x
Card scanning with camera -- -- x
Card swiper integration x x x
Comps, Reserves -- x x
Discount Codes -- -- x
Promo Tickets x x x
Ticket Upgrades -- x x
Refunds -- x x
Auto- and Manual Printing x x x
Auto- and Manual Cash Drawer Kick x -- x
Printer Management -- x x
Printing over Network x x x
Printing over Bluetooth x -- x
Flashlight for Low-Light Scanning -- -- x
Offline scanning x -- x
Attendance Stats -- -- x
Ticket Inventory Reports -- x x
Available for iOS x -- x
Available for Android -- -- x
Available for Mac -- x x
Available for Windows -- x x
App Themes & Personalization -- -- x
Account and Password Management -- x x
Personal Sales Reports x x x
User Management / Sales Reporting -- x x
All-Event Customer Search -- x x
Guest List Management -- -- x
Customer Relations Management -- x x
Tags and Notations -- x x
Survey Data -- x x
Comp-Ticket Releaser -- x x
Convert to Sale for Comps/Reserves -- x x
Past & Future Event Lookup -- x x
Best-Available Seat Selection x x x
Manual Seat Selection -- x x
Seat Exchanger -- x x

We wanted to make Swarm available to everyone, and we don't want you to have to have extra hardware if you want to make a simple sale or check someone in. We've also put everything that used to be desktop-only into the mobile app, so regardless of where you are and when, you can get s*** done.


Check it out, we're at Times Square!

Thank you for being a user of HoldMyTicket. This app is built for you, so what are you waiting for? Get your upgrade on.

App Store for iOS | Google Play Store
Windows Download | Mac Download | Web App for Desktop

Some Useful Links:
Our Official Swarm2 Website

User Guides: How to Scan with Swarm2 | How to Sell on Swarm2

Swarm2 Mobile Box Office and Spark Event Manager are products of HoldMyTicket. Sign up and start selling tickets with us today. holdmyticket.com/sell