HoldMyTicket - Announcing: Swarm2 Mobile Box Office

Announcing: Swarm2 Mobile Box Office


The team is proud to announce our newest app release, Swarm2.

We've heard all of your feature requests for Swarm, and decided it was time for a revamp to make it functional for every type of event environment. We believe Swarm2 is the solution to all of your box office needs.

What's different:

Use Swarm2 on mobile and desktop. Both versions share all of the same capabilities, with a virtually identical layout. Now you don't need to alternate between devices in order to perform different operations, and there's only one app to learn. Here's a comparison of the original Swarm app on desktop, on mobile, and Swarm2:

Feature Swarm (mobile) Swarm (desktop) Swarm2 (mobile and desktop)
QR-Code Scanning x x x
Barcode Scanning x x x
Will Call Checkin x x x
Cash Sales x x x
Credit Sales x x x
Card scanning with camera -- -- x
Card swiper integration x x x
Comps, Reserves -- x x
Discount Codes -- -- x
Promo Tickets x x x
Ticket Upgrades -- x x
Refunds -- x x
Auto- and Manual Printing x x x
Auto- and Manual Cash Drawer Kick x -- x
Printer Management -- x x
Printing over Network x x x
Printing over Bluetooth x -- x
Flashlight for Low-Light Scanning -- -- x
Offline scanning x -- x
Attendance Stats -- -- x
Ticket Inventory Reports -- x x
Available for iOS x -- x
Available for Android -- -- x
Available for Mac -- x x
Available for Windows -- x x
App Themes & Personalization -- -- x
Account and Password Management -- x x
Personal Sales Reports x x x
User Management / Sales Reporting -- x x
All-Event Customer Search -- x x
Guest List Management -- -- x
Customer Relations Management -- x x
Tags and Notations -- x x
Survey Data -- x x
Comp-Ticket Releaser -- x x
Convert to Sale for Comps/Reserves -- x x
Past & Future Event Lookup -- x x
Best-Available Seat Selection x x x
Manual Seat Selection -- x x
Seat Exchanger -- x x

We wanted to make Swarm available to everyone, and we don't want you to have to have extra hardware if you want to make a simple sale or check someone in. We've also put everything that used to be desktop-only into the mobile app, so regardless of where you are and when, you can get s*** done.


Check it out, we're at Times Square!

Thank you for being a user of HoldMyTicket. This app is built for you, so what are you waiting for? Get your upgrade on.

App Store for iOS | Google Play Store
Windows Download | Mac Download | Web App for Desktop

Some Useful Links:
Our Official Swarm2 Website

User Guides: How to Scan with Swarm2 | How to Sell on Swarm2

Swarm2 Mobile Box Office and Spark Event Manager are products of HoldMyTicket. Sign up and start selling tickets with us today. holdmyticket.com/sell